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Joel Deering's 2015 Cheyenne Charolais Auction

"I would like to dedicate this sale to the memory of a Dear, Grand ol' Cowboy and Dad, George Deering, who rode to greener pastures this Summer after a long battle with cancer. And also to my Dear ol' Grand Dad, Joe Soderquist, as this marks 20 years since his passing."

"These are the Men who raised me, taught me about cattle and about life- to be humble in successes and not dwell on setbacks. Without them I wouldn't be where I am today and I would like to share a poem I wrote for Dad's funeral that applies to both men and maybe some of your dearly departed as well."

George Deering - In Loving Memory


We know you're riding greener pastures,
where all good Cowboys go.
On a horse that never tires,
and cold clear waters flow.

Back together once again,
with those who've gone before.
Now you're riding just for fun,
because you've done your chores.

You've laughed, you've loved, you've lived,
in the time that you've had here.
And I hope for you in Heaven,
that they've got ice cold beer.

For those you've left behind,
we'll continue on our way.
And do our best to make you proud,
till we see you again.... Someday

Joel Deering 7-13-14